Beautycon Box: Grav3yard Girl

Screen caption of Bunnys Youtube video

Box #1 for myself was the spring Box featuring BUNNY +grav3yardgirl 

This is my first beautycon box and the one that got me started was our favorite Youtuber BUNNY from Grav3yardgirl. SWAMP FAMILY! We love her! Her box was LEGIT! This is the Spring Box! I was so excited to get this box in the mail!! This box has 12 items. I will list my faves below! This subscription box comes out quarterly. It is so exciting and worth the wait.

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  • Beauty Blender mini's Set of 2 (use with my concealer daily!)
  • Garnier Skin Active Wipes
  • DOLLS KILL $20 GIFT CARD (My Tween Loved her stuff)
  • NCLA NAIL WRAPS -SO KAWAII  (seal them with a gel top coat)
  • Maybelline Eyeshadow Pallete-The Rock Nudes (I've been wanting this one 4-ever)
  • NYX Makeup Matte Finishing spray (YAZZ)
  • CUTE SASSY HAIR TIES-Tie Die/Gater Green
  • Antique style Keychain/ Creepy Doll
  • MURAD Skin Cream -feels amazing/works great/smells good

The Keychain is super cute but also heavy so it might be good for a backpack but not good for house keys or driving keys. Its also kind of creepy! But we know Bunny LOVES creepy!
Her snap chat has a vintage baby doll moving its face all creepy like. I made a cute creepy collage for Bunny on Polyvore, check it out below.


Watch Grav3yardgirl Open Kandee Johnsons Box below!

I love how she opens her box with a butcher Knife and Kandee opens her box with beauty scissors. 

This is a TBT post since I started by blog in October 2016.
I have been wanting to write about my Beautycon Boxes so I am creating my posts in October but posting according to when the Season they came out!!

Thanks for reading and hanging out!

xo #chubbymannequin

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