Diary: Ava + Viv Fall 2016

HEY! Thanks for checking out my very first Dressing Room Diaries here on The Chubby Mannequin. My 4 year old is in preschool now so I can actually go to the store child free!! I'm so excited to start my new Hobby of blogging at least once a week.

Scroll to bottom to see my Dressing Room video and see how the clothes fit and move.

I love to shop and try clothes on and 90% of the time I don't buy anything or buy a pair of jeans or a cute top. Half because #budget and half because #hatemyselftoday. Normally when I'm feeling self loathish I don't document it. Usually I will look back on pics and think Hey I'm adorbz what was I thinking?  So this is a little bit fun and a little bit self therapy!  #bodypositive #selflove #loveyourself and all that jazz!!
Feel Free to Scroll down for pics/ sizes /prices
Today  I tried on 2 outfits at Target. It was hot in the dressing room so it started out annoying haha.
                                                                       OUTFIT ONE

I didn't realize this was a Plaid Dress until after I looked up the prices online!
  • Jean Jacket-2x                   $44.99
  • Plaid Shirt Dress-2x        $29.99
  • Black Leggings-2x           $17.99
Pros:  Color nice/ Looks good layered/ soft/ comfy/ flows nicely
Cons: too long/ belt needs to be thicker
                                                                        OUTFIT 2
Never ever ever ever will I purchase a shirt like this ever in my life!
  • Knitted Cowel Neck shirt-2x           $34.99
  • Cute Distressed Denim Jeans-20    $44.99
Pros: Soft / Strechy
Cons: Bulky/ Might Shrink in wash
The only thing I truly liked out of these 2 sets was the Jeans...but even the Jeans when you try them on your foot goes through the leg hole! HAHAAH

Thanks so much for reading my blog!

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