Diary: Melissa Mccarthy Paint Splatter Jeans are literally everything!

Just look at this paint splatter!!!❤
I stopped by Macy’s to look at their plus line. It has been a few years since I have tried Macy’s plus line. They really had frumpy “work attire” for several years which was NOT appealing to this girl!  I’m so happy they have a huge amount of variety now.
I think I could have gone down a size in the jeans but they were all out of the size  I needed on the floor.
These jeans have a “Slimming silhouette system” thats kind of cool right!! The pockets were odd…instead of going down like normal …they went towards your zipper. I guess that could be good if you had cramps you could totally rub your stomach from your pockets.
They come at a high price!
As a starving Artist I could totally go to a thrift store grab some jeans for 3 bucks in the plus section then go into my Art studio and splash some various shades of acrylic paint all over my jeans and come up with a similar look for a fraction of the cost.
  • Melissa Mccarthy Jeans -20      $118.00
  • ING+ Top -1x                                  $49.00
Jeans Pro’s ARTSY and COMFY the only CON $$$ and sideways pockets
I grabbed this “Texting is my cardio” long sleeved top to try on …its adorable! It was super soft and looked cute with the Melissa MccArthy Splatter Jeans! The saying made me laugh out loud when I saw it.😀
  • Material Girl Layering Top-2x    $47.50

Bottom line over 200 bucks for 3 clothing items is cray!
Thanks for reading and  feel free to push play to see the clothes.

                                                               XO #CHUBBYMANNEQUIN

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