Black Magic IPSY October

 Hey Boo!

I've been subscribed to IPSY for over a year and I never regret signing up! It's always exciting getting my neon metallic pink package in the mail!!! I love the different themed bags each month.

For a few months I had gotten allot of skin care so I changed my "preference" settings and am much more happier with my bags. 

This month is by FAR my fave! I have enjoyed VALFRE's Art for years! Her halloween illustrations are so cute!
Ipsy is absolutely correct she is an "it girl" Artist!!!
What's Brewing in my Glam Bag? Some Amazing products.  

This theme ...spine chills 

Watch a video about black magic

I received the following products:

It's a 10 miracle leave in treatment 

Literally my fav hair product, I screamed when I saw it! 
Essence Super Ink Eyeliner

Always down for a new liner practice practice practice...
The Balm Hot Mama Eyeshadow

Looks so pretty and has a magnet to keep the lid shut.

TreSique lip crayon in Belize Bordeaux

 Love this brand and all their colors.

Jessica Leibskind Vintage Eyeshadow duo Vanilla/Espresso 

I have a feeling a majority of these products will be in my daily beauty regime.  Ipsy shows you other products that were sent out as well. You can choose your product preference but you don't get to pick exactly what products your receive.

Some other items I wish I had gotten!

1. Goo face Primer lol

2. Kat Von D Eyeliner 

3. Heavenly Nail polish 
4. SJP lovely fragrance
5. This lipstick color and the lid!

This blog post is not sponsored it is just my personal opinion on a fun affordable Beauty Subscription service. 

Xo #chubbymannequin


  1. Oh my goodness - I'd have been super chuffed with all of those goodies to try! Particularly the nail varnish and the vintage eye shadow! Are the products cruelty free? I'm not completely cruelty free yet but I am trying to be!

    1. I'm not sure but I know on they have detailed descriptions and info on all the producs and links to the manufactors etc.

    2. Hey @bixxboxx I found a cruelty free makeup line you might like. Medusas Makeup has a monthly Vegan Beauty box

  2. have you tried the face primer yet?

    1. Yes its a good primer feels like you dont need allot to do the job

  3. I have seen so many people be so excited about the bag itself this month, and it is so damn cute! I wish there was a company that did a cruelty free subscription box like this, I'd leap at it!

    1. The bag is super cute! Maybe Ipsy will make an option for customers to get cruelty free only products if they dont have it already :)

  4. I have never heard of this beauty subscriptionl before but I love it! Such a great lot of products, and there are some there i would love to try!


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