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12 Plus Size Women Reveal How Tattoos Have Helped Their Body Positivity

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Marie Southard Opsina is a freelance writer and plus blogger for Bustle. She is constantly posting articles about body positivism and Plus size women. Her latest article I am proud to say I am a part of  Joining 11 other wonderful women representing Plus size Tatted Women! I will share my original Q&A for the article and a link below to read the article in its entirety. So many amazing inked plus-size women with interesting stories of inspiration.

Original Q & A:
Here is Marie's Message how sweet is she!? So Sweet    SUPER SWEET! 

  • Hello lovely!
    Thanks so much for responding to the post. If you're up for being featured, I'd just need some more details on your history with ink. Can't wait to hear more Thanks again!

    1. Prior to getting tattooed, what was your relationship with your body like? Prior to getting tattooed my relationship with my body was a hate/hate relationship. I struggled with low self esteem due to having major cystic acne and going through Accutane treatments for acne in my first years of college. I was in a major depression at that time and did not like my body or my face. I constantly compared myself to more curvy girls with hips, tiny waists etc. After my Acne cleared up and I looked past the scars left from Acne, I started liking myself and got courageous enough to get my first tattoo.
    2. Oftentimes plus size individuals are conditioned to believe their fat bodies are unworthy of any kind of celebration. Do you think ink is a way to celebrate the body? If so, why? I believe Ink is a beautiful form of Art and personal expression. As a plus size woman being a size 18 and told by society that we are not sexy, and we should cover up rather than show skin makes me more of a rebel. I can celebrate my body with Ink and whatever style of clothing I decide to wear. Art is Beautiful and so are plus size bodies.
    3. What tattoos do you have/what is your relationship to each one?I have 5 Tattoo's .
    My first being the Tribal Kitty I got in LA at Venice beach. The guy gave Ink to the Drummer of NO Doubt I was stoked about that, it was with my bff we got our firsts together. 2nd Lower Back Tramp Stamp that says Dreamer Celebrating my Plus size body refusing to wait until I got "skinny again" to get the ink. 3rd Tormented Sugar my Artist name on my left shoulder and my most significant to date. So much change and growing in life in many ways. 4th Cupcake on my right shoulder dark time, Sweet Ink. 5th Cupcake on my right shoulder designed by my 5 year old daughter. The cupcakes side by side remind me of that time and how we made it through.
    4. Some folks might argue that getting tattooed is a way to hide parts of the body, rather than embrace them. What would you say to that critique? I do not believe getting tattooed hides parts of the body at all. It brings attention to that specific body part and if it happens to be a part of the body that is exposed the world will see it, that is powerful. I have gotten judgy looks by people, shocked looks, loving looks in regards to my body Art. Irregardless of the reactions by society, be it positive or negative my body is being seen in an Artistic form.
    5. What is your relationship with your body like post-tattooing? My relationship with my body post tattooing is more self loving. I have grown to love my curves, my stretch marks from having my daughters, my womanly figure. When I'm feeling major low self esteem I make a point to look at my pretty tattoo's, my Ink pieces of celebration and survival. Doing so makes me feel empowered. I know I flabby arms and a chubby waist, stretch marks and cellulite but I have pretty Ink to remind me I'm more than my "self-perceived" flaws.
Regardless of their motivations behind getting inked initially, it's clear that tattoos have the potential to help people fall in love with themselves in more ways than one. Plus size humans — arguably women, in particular — are usually expected to hide, to shrink, to conform. For many, decorating their bodies is a means to reject every single shaming message they've been presented with, and exchange them all for reclamation.-Marie Southard Ospina




  1. Tattoos are the great "equalizer" IMO. They have the ability to make everyone look beautiful - in a different way then we are used to. INSTEAD of looking at the person's body, we direct our attention to the art on the skin. I wish ppl could do this with other subjects, you know, exercise another part of our brain for a change! Good job on this article; very thought provoking!


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