Diary: Sexy Halloween Costume Shopping Plus Size edition

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Last week I went to the local Spirit Halloween store and tried on some Plus Size and XL for sizes 16-18 Halloween costumes.  My goal was to find something that fit me and was sexy! I literally have no grand plans for Halloween other than to take the kids Trick Or Treating. I have literally not worn a costume in a few years. I would just do Fairy wings or some type of halloweenish headband.
 I feel like finally The Spirit Halloween store gets Plus size clients! A few years ago Plus size costumes felt like a regular Large or Extra Large. I am excited to show you some pics of Costumes I tried on.  I will also share with you the costume I decided to go with this year! I had a fun shopping experience.

1. Harlequin -Size XL 16/18

I tried on this outfit in an XL 16-18.  You cannot take the picture into the fitting room or the accessories, so basically I put this on completely wrong at first HAHA! I am such a dork! I put my neck through the Arm hole figuring it was a halter top style dress, oh and backwards.

Something feels odd....

Too Tight in the boobs and waist/ Bangs being EVIL

I love that my glasses match

This one had a cute skirt and was a sexy style, but I decided against Harley Quinn this year.


This was a costume that was labeled Plus Costume 2x. 

On-Duty Cutie...

No Just NO

Un-sexy cop Side view
I was excited about this one because it was created for plus size women. That excitement did not last very long in the dressing room. I could not try it on with accessories so I couldn't get the full feeling of the look. 

3. Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas XL 16-18

This is something I would have worn to an Adult Halloween Party for sure! So sexy and so adorable!

Cleavage on Fleek

This costume did not come in a package it was a dress on a hanger among cute Sally leggings, wigs, face tattoo's etc. Adorbz but I wanted something different.

4. Skeleton Woman in Plus Size

Not feeling it

This felt odd with the arm bones twisted inside instead of on top of my arms like the photo. The dress material had me feeling hot and uncomfortable the moment I put it on. This could actually be super cute but not for me.

5. Spanish Sweetie

 Yes cute as heck! 
Love the Colorful skull

I loved the colors of the skirt and Skulls on the collar. it was very vibrant but this XL with chest bones on my boobs bothered me and made me look disproportionate. I was not feeling myself.


6. DAY OF THE DEAD size XL 16-18

LOVE LOVE LOVE this costume!

This costume is everything!
My Pretty Floral Crown

Picked up some Makeup to do something Not sure what look yet.

I love my final choice sooo much!! I feel sexy and adorable in this costume! It will look way better with some type of shape-wear underneath! Curvy girls shape-wear is your bff. That is just my personal opinion.  I am so excited for Halloween. 

Thanks for reading and leave a comment below with a pic of your costume or let me know what you chose to be this year!!!


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