Heidi Swapp: Crafty Planners

Do I really need a crafty planner?!

 My mind is telling me NO but my eyes are telling me YES
JoAnne's Fabric is kind of tempting me with their amazing displays and sticker options!
I kind of want the Heidi Swapp bundle. It comes with a planner, stickers, notes, washi tape, etc
I had a 60% off coupon and am regretting not getting this planner set! It would have been like super affordable.  I know over the years I have seen bloggers and vloggers talk about the Erin Condrin Planners. This is an affordable alternative option.

Planner bundle

Emoji golden stickers yaz


OMG adorbz

love these esp WONDER


Here is a video of Heidi and her adorable Craft room! ROOM GOALS!
If you subscribe to her channel she has lots of tips and cool vids.

There are YouTube videos on how people use their planners, and blogs dedicated to them.
I know I could probably make a cheap DIY version of this thanks to the Dollar Store, but who has all that time? And who has time to keep a planner? I can't even keep up with the "Sticky Notes" on my desktop. These days I'm lucky if I actually save events in my Iphone or write it on our fridge Calendar. I feel like this could work as a "Blogger" planner.

One of my favorite videos on how a blogger uses her planner, and she has allot of videos on her Heidi Swapp planner.

What do you guys think? To Planner or not to Planner?

ALSO a cute video on Art Journaling, I see these and get inspired and totally want to start one!

xo #chubbymannequin

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