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Drop The Towel means to me:  Letting go of my insecurities and living life to the fullest. Allowing my self to walk in the ocean and playing with my daughter’s freely.” ~Tormented Sugar 

This is a TBT to July of last year! I'm missing summer but loving this cool fall weather!I was asked to participate in "Drop The Towel" a campaign by Wear Your Voice Magazine. I had my husband who is a photographer grab my camera , our 2 daughter's and we headed to our favorite local beach. Half Moon Bay! The girls played in the sand while me and their father created these images. It was a fun day for our little family. 

The movement was also featured on Huffington Post!
This Body-Positive Campaign Is Empowering Women To #DropTheTowel
This is what a bikini body looks like. A new campaign is reminding women to show off their beautiful beach bodies and #DropTheTowel. Created by Wear Your Voice Magazine, the #DropTheTowel campaign features people of all shapes, sizes and colors to remind women that every body is beautiful and should never be hidden.
“This is a movement for all shapes, sizes, colors, disabilities and genders to proudly proclaim that they are done hiding their already beautiful summer body — and are ready to lose that cover-up and drop the towel,” Monica Cadena, senior editor for Wear Your Voice magazine, told The Huffington Post. ~HUFFPOST

My featured photo collage via Instagram:

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