BUSTLE FEATURE: 7 Women On Why They Embrace Their Visible Belly Outlines

I'm excited to announce I'm featured in Bustle in another BODY + article.
This time Marie Southard Ospina is sharing 7 women who embrace their Visible Belly Outlines (VBO)


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Plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger Emily D. Whitaker of Chubby Mannequin's reason for embracing her VBO is simple: "It's vital to embrace my VBO to take back my power of feeling insecure due to the unreal pressure from the fashion industry," she tells Bustle. Like many women, the imagery Whitaker most often saw in mainstream fashion and media at large framed beauty as being rooted in thinness. But thinness simply wasn't part of her own story. "I've always had a soft stomach," she says. "I've [also] had two babies and my belly is proof of that." Because our stomachs are often capable of quite a lot of magic — baby-making included — Whitaker believes there's simply "nothing to be ashamed of." -BUSTLE

 My fav quote from the Article below:

 It's not always easy to celebrate a part of the body that you've been taught to believe is wrong, ugly, or a fixer-upper. But to do so is to take a little slice of power back. To do so is to rebel. And to do so is to commit yourself to a life free from the burdens of totally unnecessary and nothing-but-harmful body hate.-BUSTLE

Thanks for checking it out

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  1. I absolutely love this! What a positive article - you are 100% rocking that vbo, and I'm loving the cute cat ears filter too! I think it's so important for people to start embracing and loving what they had. All bodies are amazing, and more often than not, we need to remember that - especially when it comes to our own! x


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