I am always looking for new ways to enhance my photos I share on my blog. I have heard great things about "PicMonkey" and decided to take advantage of the Free Trial of Premium services.  I think its 7.99 a month full price. Most of the filters and fonts I use have the crown above them like the Queen I am! 👑 Which means its only available to Premium members.

I first started using PicMonkey primarily for creating a Facebook and Twitter header collage image. Then I realized a few pics I wanted to use in a post I had failed to quickly edit on my Iphone 6s Plus. (And by quick edit, I mean to mess with the exposure and highlights). So I decided to give PicMonkey a shot since I was at my computer.

There are "Fun" girly options on the "Beauty" Tab within the photo edit tools to the left of your photo. And some beauty options that confuse me and piss me off.

One of the Cool Templates Samples

Blemish FX -awesome for that pimple you forgot to cover up...but zits are no biggie I've had them since I was a teen off and on.

Airbrush-kind of smooths things out a little bit. You can do this with a "Soften" pic filter as well.

Wrinkle Removerit's BAE and in my 30s I already LOVE that option. I am all for embracing the body, zits, wrinkles , cellulite and all.

Shine Reduce-I guess if you were extra sweaty in a pic you could make yourself look more mattified.

Blush Boost-LOVE IT!

SPRAY TAN- I tried it and looked orange AF, who needs this option??? I've never been one to tan so maybe that's why I don't get it.  I seriously kind of hate the option.

Teeth Whiten-That could be cool if you were building a modeling portfolio and wanted to fix a selfie or something. But super white teeth are overrated. I read somewhere that irregular or non perfect teeth are the new "white teeth"...yes lets hope that's a "thing". 

LIP TINT- YES so FUN , you can change your lipstick color. This is LIFE.

For Fun I did it on a pic of the cover of my New Art book haha

There are also options to brighten your eyes, give mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow etc.

There is a "BEARD" option for the men who don't have a full Beard!!! I think it's smart they are trying to appeal to men. Where is the Man Bun extention to go with the beard? j/k 

The ones that piss me off: WEIGHT LOSS & NIP TUCK

As a plus size woman and body positive activist, these options above all others stood out to me as irritating. I worry for the teens  and young women who use this app. It is fun to edit photos, but to think that they need to make their body type 50% less than what it originally is. That is an outrage. 
I just think "Weight Loss" as a name for a "beautification" option is again society telling women and men Plus is NOT equal and not a desired look.  

I messed around with the options for comedy sake. I used a poor quality image from my Wedding shoot at Carmel Beach, Ca.   
WEIGHT GAIN at highest option 50%

WEIGHT LOSS at the highest option 50%

Photo A looks significantly wider all around vs Photo B.
 When you edit the photo it widens or thins the Entire photo.




Well i accidentally melted a hole right through me! Trying to reach that perfection and unrealness! Oops 💧


Here I used the "scalpel" (chills) option to nip away my flabby arms and give myself the illusion of a small waist, might have nip and tucked the ocean and boob in the process, but its cool.  NOT

Here I chose to FILL out my elbows and get the nose going. I have a really small nose actually haha. This fill option is literally a "syringe"....are we supposed to give ourselves fuller asses and breasts? 

Pic Monkey is a really useful app, it has amazing filters, templates and effects. I LOVE the "Pinterst" look to photo collages. You can see some Samples HERE.   They are constantly updating their product. I got an email just today a few new things launched.  The following was in the email.


Super B&W
It’s the amped up, high contrast, gritty black and white.

Tri-X mimics Kodak’s Tri-X film, the best-selling black and white photographic film in the world.



The Silverscreen photo effect turns your image into a frame of classic cinema. 

This post is not affiliated by Picmonkey its just a new app I have been using. All opinions are my own even the sassy ones! 👋

Thanks for hanging out!

xo #chubbymannequin

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