Dare Mag Tess Holliday Cover Spring 2016

warning 7:19 my dog barks at mailman😂 
hey, I'm back with a new Dare Magazine Flip! This is Spring 2016 with cover girl Tess Holliday SLAYING the cover! Ok slaying each page she is on really.

Thanks for flipping with me.

My thoughts on this issue...yes it's my first time looking at it...yes it's almost a YEAR after the fact. This issue really preps you for Spring to come!  I feel like it's fine to start reading spring things since Valentines has already been up like since Dec 27th in all the stores HAHA!

 READ DARE HERE http://www.daremag.ca/

I can't wait for all the 2017 Spring issues!

Thanks for watching

xo #chubbymannequin
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