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styles 4 less

Come stalk me trying clothes on!

I went into my local Styles 4 less after I caught a movie the other day. I love how when you first walk in you are greeted with signs for "Plus Sizes". The clothes are easy to find. I was impressed with the larger section of the store. A few years ago they had maybe 3 racks and sad ones at that.  I decided to give them a try and I am glad I did! I personally feel more at home in stores like these which are catered to teens and young adults. I am a 30 something mother of 2 girls, I still feel like I'm 21. 

The dressing room is so cute!

Look 1: Trying to find my Style as a MILF MOM
Floral Top and Shorts with gold detailing on sides.  

Top:  $24.99
Shorts:  Clearance $7.00

(Ignore my jacked up scarred knee, it's not from anything sexy HAHA)

This top is super sexy and cute it photographs well, but feels awful on. It is so super tight on my boobs! The shorts are comfy, flowy and really cute. But honestly where would i wear this?

Look 2: Inner Rocker Chic
 Ripped Jeans, California V-Neck and Patch Bomber Jacket
Top: $16.99
Jacket: $ 42.99

The Jeans were a little large but comfy. The T-shirt was too tight on my boobs and now "V" enough for me. The bomber was adorbs but for show, not functional to keep a person warm.

Look 3: MOM TOP
Sweater Top and Ripped Jeans

Top: $16.99
Jeans: $19.99

I stayed with the same jeans as the previous outfit with a more traditional style top. The combo is actually cute and flattering. I really like the flow of the top and the feel of the material. This top was brand new in the store on display up front as "just in" items. I already have a bunch of distressed/ripped jeans. I really don't need to purchase more!

All items I tried on, are in size 3x. I find that this store is kind of like Junior sizes in the fit. I am normally a 2x, or size 18. This shop feels like the clothing can run a little small.  

Saw this online had to share <3

Thanks for reading
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