Bustle Feature: Clothing Plus size women want to see in 2017

Remember NO Matter what Size you are 

Check out this LIST on Bustle by the lovely Marie Southard Ospina She asked around and Plus ladies shared with her what they wish there was more of in the Plus Fashion Options! These are all amazing things we need and want more of!!  Read the Article I'm #12 💙

Here is my Mention in the ARTICLE  


Plus Size Tie Dye Graphic Tee, $17.90, forever21.com
For Chubby Mannequin of Tormented Sugar, the lack of decent graphic tees in plus is pretty tragic. "I would like to find more good quality graphic T-shirts with cool art or illustrations," she tells Bustle. "Better choices for necklines; deep plunge and sexy!" More funky patterns and artwork ASAP, please.

<3 Check out my "Must have more of in Plus Fashion" Polyvore Sets to go along with the LIST <3 I did not do all 31. Just the ones that I personally crave more of!

1. Cigarette Trousers

2. Low V-Neck Anything

Focus on what matters

3. High-Waisted Disco PantsHigh Waisted pants
Oops just a little higher please LOL

cute socks

cute socks by tormentedsugarofficial on Polyvore

5. Maternity-Wear
Maternity Chic

Maternity Chic by tormentedsugarofficial featuring black dinner napkins

6. More Alternative Pieces
My idea of "Alternative" LOL

8. Butch & Masculine StylesWhat to wear

What to wear by tormentedsugarofficial featuring men's casual shirts

9. Designer Threads

Christian Siriano

10. Graphic T-Shirts

graphic designs

11. More Crop Tops

12. Low-Rise Bikini Bottoms

low cut bikinis

low cut bikinis by tormentedsugarofficial featuring River Island

13. Sexier Underwear & Lingerie
plus lingerie

Thanks for checking it out

xo #chubbymannequin
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