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I'm starting a new way of blogging (to me). I'm actually talking into my iPad and it's typing out in the notes for me. Some of the typos are HILARIOUS! Chubby Mannequin comes out CHUBBY MAN AGAIN! 👄 What I'm going to be doing is talk typing into my iPad then I will drop that into my blogging editing page and go ahead and make my blog have a little more written content. I used to blog mostly pictures with a little blurb here and there. Don't get it twisted I know how to type. I type about 85 words a minute with a 90% accuracy so it's not about If I can type or not. I use the free version of Grammarly to help with the basics.

I'm going to talk a little bit in my blog today about Lady Gaga who we all know had a totally amazing Super Bowl performance. She rocked the show. She performed all my favorite songs.  The most moving one for me was "A Million Reasons" with all the beautiful candle surrounding her it was just it was amazing. I really enjoyed the show from the moment she stepped on the stage to the very end I felt like I didn't want to be over.  I was also in LOVE with "Telephone". I have painted her twice based on an image still from the Telephone Music Video. 
Art by Tormented Sugar

 Lady Gaga had the "Performance of a Lifetime" and Gaga was BODYSHAMED! Yes, folks GAGA-BODY SHAMED! What in the actual fuck is this fuckery?


There were a few different outfit changes she had and the most controversial outfit was a set of sparkly shorts and a crop top with football shoulder pads. This outfit was the most talked about by haters, because it showed her stomach her mid-drift section.  So there were paparazzi all over to take pictures of her performing.  She is inevitably gonna be in different positions because she's dancing and she's moving and her stomach and body are going to be dancing and moving along with her. Some people trolls decided to compare her stomach to fucking Pillsbury biscuit dough, the Pop n' fresh. 

 I will show you Biscuit dough belly bitches. 
The only way to get that is by carrying 2 babies full term and have the genetic predisposition to have a thick middle 
(thanks gramma). 

  🐾 PAWS UP  🐾
Shoutout to my photographer/teen daughter

 I went to forever 21 I picked out some sparkly shorts and a white crop top and I tried it on! My teen was with me and we took some pictures and video. I did a little shimmy shake to remind and show haters all stomachs are beautiful all bodies are beautiful.

The plus section shrank by an entire ROOM size 😒

Sparkle Shorts and Crop Tops

I really love that Lady Gaga responded to the body shamers in such a positive and encouraging way. She sent a great message to her fans, women and people.   Loving yourself no matter what.

screenshot from Gaga's Instagram

People might wonder why is this chubby mom so pissed that Lady Gaga was body shamed. Well, it's a little bit of a trigger for me. I used to be the size of Lady Gaga in college and I was body shamed constantly. I was body shamed for having a softer stomach. I would try to rock a crop top and with some cute ripped jeans. My friends would literally tell me "oh my God Emily why are you wearing that!?" and I would say "because I can if you don't want to look at my stomach closure eyes bitch." I still believe in that motto...If you don't like what you see CLOSE YOUR EYES BITCH! 

me having fun shaking my sparkle butt
In all hoe (hilarious typo had to keep it) honesty I actually used to take what people said to heart I would get super hurt feelings I would actually go into a deep depression feeling like I wasn't good enough.  I was one of those girls in college that could play it off that I wasn't depressed, act happy and bubbly and then secretly cry myself to sleep at night fucking depressed.  The thing that actually helped me get over my insecurities about my body in college was belly dancing. I took a belly dancing class off-campus my teacher was amazing.  Everyone in the class had a different figure and I loved the way my belly looked when it rolled.  I shimmied and I absolutely loved it.  This self-discovery helped me embrace the body that I was born with. Isn't it amazing that dance is the thing that helped me get over my body dysmorphia, my self-hatred.  I just kind of decided fuck them, fuck the haters. To forget it and they're not worth it.  I am more than the size of my ass, the size of my boobs, the acne on my face, the glasses on my face, the color of my roots.  I am more than my stomach that moves because I'm human.

I am more!  

When a woman gets body shamed for having a  body that moves when she dances it pisses me off. Lady Gaga is not a blowup doll. It's ironic that Lady Gaga was doing something that helped me get over my stigma and judgment on my body which was dancing. Here she is dancing for millions of people trying to just make people happy and enjoy themselves. Try and get their minds off of all the crap going on in the world. BOOM she gets body shamed for dancing and having a normal body that moves when you dance. I mean normal in the sense that gravity effects her body when she moves...there is actually no such thing as a "normal" body. All Bodies are good bodies. 




 Thanks for checking it out

she stole my kitty ears 💖


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