Dressing Room Diary: V-DAY Walmart and FaceTune

This is a dressing room selfie in Shapewear and a push-up bra

The above pic was PRE trying on dresses from another post. Just wanted to put this here since its PANTYS BRAS AND LINGERIE!

I was shopping at Walmart this weekend noticed it has a pretty good choice of Valentine themed lingerie, pajama sets, bras panties etc. I went ahead and decided to try some on for fun and take some pics for a dressing room diaries. WARNING: I've been camping all weekend Hair is A Hot mess, just threw some lipstick on and that was IT.

weheart it cute for VDAY

Over the weekend I ended up downloading a new app Facetune2. I was just checking it out and it had some ad that said 50% off VIP membership. I went ahead and got it since it's so cheap. Oh, man this app is crazy! It does weird stuff.  You can change your mouth, your smile, your eyes, your nose, your hair and even your body shape it's crazy. This app can be dangerous for teenagers or those who are struggling with self-love.  Below you will seesome of the photos from the fitting room in the Valentines but pajama/lingerie sets which are "Facetuned".

I may be chubby but I'm still cute.

Just so everybody knows I was wearing shorts and a bra with any of the see-through type items.

Look one: Peek a Boob
Size: 2X  $14.96

Just me
Facetuned Unreal Perfection
This sweet baby doll is so cute I love love love it!  I love the flow I love that it see-through I love it has a little lace hearts, like pasty's it is so cute.  Everything about this is so cute and perfect for V-day.

On the right, I went ahead and gave myself a fake smile, fake giant lips, fake HUGE eyes, enlarged my cup, Thinned out my waist, elongated my arms and softened my hair.

Look two:  Cute Bralette
$8 bucks or so

This photo was edited iphone photo edit Enhanced the "exposure"

2X No Boundaries fits like a Large

Here it is the side view of the major side boob happening. This bralette is so tiny for a "2x".  That is partial Love handles and a Massive Open heart surgery scar from birth, which is exactly where the band to the bra is hiding.  I went ahead and did not erase my stretch marks I don't care they're from having children. I used to HATE my stretchmarks and be super insecure about them. Now I could literally care less what people think about them. 

OMG this edit makes me laugh so hard. 
The Changes:
Took away scar
 love handles
Bigger booty
bigger boobs
flat stomach
got rid of the double chin
Softened my hair out

Stretch Marks, BIG SCAR & SIDE BOOB!
Faux Booty, Waist and HAIR

It would be funny to make a Fake Tinder account with these two pics and see what happens...but then  I already have an idea so BORING! Guys with "fat Fetish's" will hit up the pic on the left and DUMB asses will hit up the pic on the right with UGLY AF Nudes. NO THANKS.  

Look 3: St Sexy (it's what the tag said)
Size 2X $13.84

Just a Filter that is bright in the Kawaii option on Facetune

This is the face of someone who wishes this was longer in the waist and trying to take a pic while posting.  This is hard stuff! But my selfie looks good!
No filter/ No Makeup

This would have been perfect if it was a long baby doll type dress!

Look four: Floral Sweetheart 

XL 16-18 $9.97


This is a size smaller than I would have tried on and accidentally grabbed. Normally I wear a 2x but goes to show you never can tell with lingerie what size you are. It's always best to try on a few range in sizes. I love the soft floral fabric. It's really flowy, really soft to the touch feels great on your skin. This is very Spring Fling. This could double as Pajama's and could work for sexy time. 


This and it is another one that makes laugh so hard. Look at how large my boobs are.  I made my waist so tiny,  I smoothed out my belly,  made my self have some actual hips. I erased my double chin and accidentally gave myself a square chin LOL.  The misshaped center of my waist is completely normal (not). 

Look 5: Black Lace Nightly
3X $9.97
Feelin Myself

This one looks really cute on. But it's a little bit itchy. I feel like this would just bother me and I would not feel sexy being itchy. This is in the wrong size. It's a size up from what I wear. Maybe a 2x would have fit better and hugged my curves more.

This EDIT is so freaking funny! OK, I made my hair look bleached out. I gave myself defined cheeks, fake eyes, fake nose, fake giant lips and whitened my teeth. Went ahead and got rid of my double chin.  I gave myself a weird orange glow, I made my waist small. Giant HIPS! Created bigger boobs, arms, and legs with the reshaping tool.  

Look six: polka dots
Size 2X $9.97

Should have taken off the shorts the waistband is showing

This one is really similar to the floral print. It's really soft and stretchy.  It has a nice flow.  Although it is a sexy feel, it doesn't give you much support in the bust area. If you happen to be wearing it around the house for pajamas that's fine. And let's be honest if you're wearing it for sexy times it's not staying on very long anyways.

Fake Realness
 I look at my right leg like what even happened to it during the editing process? So I smoothed my hair because my bangs are the opposite of cute. Smoothed out my chin area, made my boobs bigger.  Tiny Waist, I hooked it up with a Big Ass. I tried to flatten my stomach.

Oh my God I'm dying all these edits make me laugh so hard.


 I am all about body positivity and not judging people on their figures.  I just had a little fun with this face tune VIP app. If you want to dress sexy for Valentines Day go ahead and get something if you feel cute in it get it. I really think that the more options that are available for women that are a straight size and plus size, the easier it will be to try stuff on. It's fun to go out and step out of your comfort zone.
What I found is if you're on a budget and you're looking for something sexy to wear and your plus size woman Walmart is not a bad option. I remember for years Walmart did not include Plus women in the Lingerie section. This is amazing!  The lingerie is cute it's comfortable it's soft and it's super affordable. The bras however that's an entirely different story. You have to try on so many to find ONE that works.  Some work and some don't. The battle of the Bra! I tried on the above-pictured bra, as well as a Black lace bra. The black lace bra was in a size down from what I normally wear a "DD". This was a "D" cup and it fit nicely. It was "the unlined" bra aka See through. So I could not include that in this blog post. 

Remember Face Tune is for fun and no one should have to fit into a mold or try to please societies idea of "perfection". We are all unique and beautiful individuals at ALL and ANY size. This goes for MEN too!

Personally, I am not allowing my teenage daughter to get Face Tune. It is a depressing app! It makes you feel like you have to keep trying more filters and more "tweaks" to change your appearance.



Face-Smile/ Jaw / FACE WIDTH
Lips-Size/ Height/Width
RESHAPE-Pushes allot of stuff in
REFINE- Pushes smaller section in
RESIZE- Pinch/Zoom BIG/small

Tone and Paint your skin/ hair etc

EYES COLOR! Just found this you can change your eye color!
Blue, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Brown, Purple, Silver, Clear Green, Clear Purple, Rainbow, Dark Green, Multi, Purple and Green, Black with a Star, Swirl Eyes, Cosmo, Snowflake, Cat eye, VALENTINE EYES 

You can give your eyes a MULTITUDE of Reflections that's pretty cool

You can resize your pupil so if you're tweaked out you can totally hide it! j/k

Touch Up:
Fix those eye bags
Touch up your forehead (less glow more glow)
Cheeks on fleek or opposite of fleek (it's a slider scale)

Lips you too can give yourself a CREEPY "BLACK HOLE SUN" type smile!

2) ReTouch
HEAL basically gets rid of a blemish, scars, ROLLS, knee caps, lines in your fingers, dry ass hair. It's effective and crazy.

Whiten those teeth
Smooth that skin and EXTRA smooth that skin!
There are the following brushes
Fix Shadow
Cool Down
Fix Tone

I haven't messed with these

21 filters with 5 options on each Filter Name.

My faves

So some stuff is pretty cool like seeing what you would look like with different eye types, or take off a pimple quickly. I just can't get behind something that promotes so many changes to facial features and the body. 

Thanks so much for looking and reading
Xo #chubbymannequin
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