Hey everybody thanks for checking out my blog today. I tried on some clothes at torrid recently. I made a little video with photos you can watch that down below. This dressing room diaries was a fun one for me. I really love all the fall stuff that's marked down at torrid currently. I am still figuring out how to edit videos using my phone and tablet. I want to head and voiced over a portion of my video and forgot to voiceover I think the last outfit so sorry about that. Hopefully the more dressing room diaries I do the better my post will get and videos as well.

First let me take a selfie.
Torrid "Skinny"Jeans
Sassy Graphic T-s
and Flannel to sooth my inner 90s Rocker girl soul.

First Look:

Deep Purple and Black Flannel 
 Distressed Dark Denim "Skinny" Jeans.
Flannel: $48.90 size 2 (should have tried a 1)
Dark Denim: $54.90 size 18

This outfit was really cute give me the 95's with the plaid top of the jeans look really dark in this picture they're not that dark and the video you can kind of see the two tones that the jeans actually have. I really love the purple color of the top they didn't have the size I wanted to try on so I want to size up. This really wasn't a bad fit it's just that in the best area it was a little snug and I would probably have to end up wearing some type of Cami underneath it if I had gotten that shirt.

Second Look:

Graphic Tee "I run on Lipstick and Sarcasm"
Light Denim Premium Ripped Jegging
Top: $ 34.90 Size 1
Jeans: $78.90 Size 18

Yes I run on lipstick and sarcasm. This is the shirt for me. The jeans are everything the really soft I love that the holes are super huge. I really liked how low-cut the top was but still was modest at the same time. I feel like with this type of thin T-shirt it would probably shrink in the wash so perhaps maybe size up in it.

Third Look:

Long sleeve Graphic-T
Light Denim Premium Ripped Jegging

Top: $ 38.90 Size 2
Jeans: $78.90 Size 18

Don't judge my rocker girl face. Rock 'n' roll forever. This shirt is amazing I wish it was in a different shade because I'm really bad with white clothes. I like the glittery font is this really really pretty and kind of gives it a feminine feel to a very masculine top. I like the sleeve length. I would've loved for the neckline to be lower. I'm wearing the same jeans I was wearing with the top with the second outfit.

Check out my YouTube video below where you can see the outfits on me moving and an action on a real female plus size mama.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog today.



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