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Screenshot from TLC website
I was excited to watch ELLE KING on 
Old Hollywood Style-TLC

 The first 8 minutes into the show, I was shocked to hear her talk about "hating my chubby arms". She was looking to hide her arms so she needed sleeves on her dress. 
I am plus size and have Chubby arms as well. I personally went for a strapless dress to show off my ink on my arms.
DIY Carmel Wedding /Paul Whitaker Photography

Paul Whitaker Photography

When I think of Elle King I think of a Strong confident woman comfortable in her own skin and figure. Similar to the image below.


I was also shocked about her choice of Sleeveless dress for the fact that she has some RAD body art on her arms! She uses her arms to create some AMAZING music!!

Another part of the show happened 2 minutes later Elle looking in the mirror crying in her gown and veil. Saying in between tears "I can't believe somebody wants to Marry me!?" As if her self-worth is so low that she cannot imagine any man wanted to walk her down the isle?  She is so beautiful and I have always looked up to her in a way. This kind of broke the "facade" I had in my mind. The party girl rock star who had it all, actually hates parts of herself and feels unlovable to a degree. I can relate on such a personal level, and I think allot of women can.

I was told recently by a guy "You need to work on your self-confidence". If Elle King has confidence issues, then I don't feel so bad about it since I'm just a mother, Artist and plus blogger. I don't have this Celebrity status and pressure to fit ideals.

The show kind of pissed me off when she was wearing a dress and the Main guy told Elle "you don't want to be the worst dressed Celebrity Bride"...putting that fear into Elle and her mother's minds.  

I know when we as women imagine a "bride" we are shown by media, bridal commercials, and TV shows perfect ideals of a bride. One of the ideals is appearing more straight sized, then plus sized on your big day. On a recent episode of "Say Yes to The Dress UK", a dresser asked the Bride to be if she "had planned on losing weight before the wedding" because her dress was too small. (It happened to be on the same day I watched Elle's Episode).

When I do a simple "search" of "wedding dresses" on Pinterest all I see are thin perfect model type women.

If I do a quick search for "Plus Wedding Dresses" I am still shown mostly straight size models. It is no secret society puts allot of pressure on Bride's to be an example of "perfection".  

Elle's  mother mentioned she is used to getting Glammed up on Red Carpet Events (like the most recent Grammys.) Even there she showed off her Arms and Ink.

I am not spoiling the Wedding by sharing her "chosen" dress. I will say its freaking gorge! If you want to see it watch the show! She asked people on Instagram to please not tag her in photos. She doesn't want her Groom Fergie to see. 
Here is a video I put together a series of Snapchat's I created in response to Elle on SY2TD and hating on herself. "Jim Here!" LOL I like to be a dork.
But seriously so happy for Elle! 

xoxo #chubbymannequin

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