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March is MS-Multiple Sclerosis awareness month!

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MS is a subject that is close to my heart. My younger cousin Natalie was recently diagnosed with MS in her early 20s. She is so beautiful, this girl makes me laugh. Nat has been a joy to be around since she was a baby!!
So, when  Carmina's PR Manager Emma reached out to me about a possible feature it was an automatic yes!
I knew I wanted to share  Carmina's inspiring story. Carmina is so multi-talented and a strong woman to aspire to be like. I hope you enjoy reading this. I am so happy to share Carmina's journey and awareness of MS with my readers.   


May 31, 2017 is WORLD MS Day!!

Plus Supermodel Carmina Suzanne Proves MS Survival is the REAL Pot of Gold

 πŸ’š☘This March!!πŸ’š☘
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New York, NY, March 7, 2017
 -- For most people, March means shamrocks, pots of gold, and cute little leprechauns. For the 2.5 million people worldwide struggling with the debilitating disease multiple sclerosis, though, March is the official Multiple Sclerosis (MS) awareness month, shining a spotlight on them and the desperate need for more research and treatment for this crippling disease.
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Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves, causing problems with vision, balance, muscle control, and other basic body functions. MS is an unpredictable, often disabling, a disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Symptoms can include trouble walking, pain, extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and/ or spasms, dizziness and imbalance, blurred or double vision, numbness and tingling, depression, and problems with cognitive function. As of now, there is no cure for MS.

Suzanne Fatta, AKA Carmina Suzanne, is an internationally published agency plus supermodel who has embraced diversity on a whole new level; recently diagnosed with MS as well as two other neurological disorders, Carmina has become a spokeswoman for MS research and awareness, turning her devastating diagnosis into an opportunity to show women that they can be successful and beautiful even with an incapacitating illness. She says, “MS is a different disease for each sufferer, so I’m finding out as I go what I can and can’t do, and that changes from day to day. But strangely my confidence has gone way up since my diagnoses!”

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As the founder and CEO of MODAL Productions, a fashion and music mentorship, diversity advocacy, life coaching, and career consulting company, Carmina explains, "I've been a passionate diversity advocate for plus, petite, mature, and disabled models of color my whole career, but now I am on a MISSION. After 12 horrifying years of suffering through several mystery diseases, I was finally diagnosed with both Multiple Sclerosis and two other rare neurological disorders early this year. I went through a very dark period, but I now have clarity and focus.  I was put on this earth with a broken body to help others love theirs."

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About Carmina Suzanne:
Modeling under the name "Carmina Suzanne," Ms. Fatta is a rising, internationally published agency plus model with Agence Plus Paris and diversity advocate with top designers, magazine and runway credits, including 5 magazine covers. She models in Paris, London, NYC, Miami, Venice, LA, as well as in her hometown of Buffalo, NY. She's modeled with some of the top indie plus designers such as Serita Bell, Dede Allure, and Ember Lynn Designs, and has even worked as Serena Williams' fit model at Burberry in London. In addition, in London, she managed and produced a number of fashion shows including Curves in Couture, the first plus-only show in British history. Carrying over her passionate diversity advocacy to the US, Carmina Suzanne continues to campaign tirelessly for plus, mature, petite and disabled models of all colors to be treated fairly in fashion, spreading the message by being featured in top industry media outlets such as PLUS Model MagazineCURVY Magazine, and SKORCH Magazine.
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Suzanne has become one of the most in-demand arts professionals in WNY since her recent return to Buffalo after 5 years in England. As a Contralto, Suzanne sings Bass with the world-famous Vivaldi's Women choir in Oxford, UK, and pioneers the use of low female voices in opera often taking lead Baritone roles in Baroque operas. Harvard-educated, her Lecture-Recitals (selected by OPERA America as one of the top 15 National Opera Week 2014 events in the nation) are sell-out WNY audience favorites.
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Suzanne is also an internationally published author with many academic articles, poems, fashion reviews, interviews and more to her credit, including Mirabella MagazineThe Plus Side Party, and Volup2 Magazine in Paris. Her company MODAL Productions, a fashion and music mentoring firm specializing in diversity advocacy, was founded in 2014, through which Suzanne is dedicated to mentoring aspiring artists to meet the demands of the business world.
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Ms. Fatta has degrees from Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music, and Harvard University. She is an active performer in operas, cabaret shows, and other classical music ensembles. She also recently conquered the jazz/pop world with the release of her CD, "Brucia La Terra"an eclectic combination of French, Sicilian, and English with island beats.


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Learn more about Carmina Suzanne at the following links:


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