A Journey to Selfie love through Photography

This is to date my most personal blog post. I am on this crazy journey to self-love in what feels like forever. There is no easy recipe to self-love. Do ABC and follow these easy steps...NOT!  I am fumbling towards the love of self.  Sometimes I assume everyone thinks the things about me that I think. The worst the meanest shit you can think of. I have thought these things about myself. This whole loving myself feels like a battle, more than a journey! Good thing I'm a descendant of Kings, fighting is in my DNA.

I do not claim to be a professional in the photographic area. I just took these and used Canva to make cute graphics for my blog. I kind of figured Canva out on my own, but this graphics tutorial below is helpful, as well as a search on youtube. This video was one that I picked up in a quick "Canva Tutorial" search in youtube! There are TONS of amazing tutorials!

Canva is BAE cLick ME to play!

Canva has their own Tutorial on making cool graphics with Canva Learn.

I'm checking out Canva Learn ummm they have a Design School, Teaching Materials, Design Courses and Features is a good tab to explore! Here is a screenshot of Canva Learn! <3

This portion is not sponsored by Canva I just love them!


Photo / Edit from Chubby Mannequin in Canva

Love how this looks like a book cover

I hate how my boy shorts rise between my thighs no matter what I do. 

 I like to be on team Keep it Real.

Trying to be a Inked Magazine Cover Girl created in Canva

BTW guys, I have no idea what the hell I am doing! I got this Camera from Costco as a gift. It is a Canon Rebel T6, it came in a bundle with an extra lens and a carrying case! It's LEGIT! I just discovered I can sync it to my iPhone and use the phone as the preview and shutter button!?!?!?!
 So I decided to take some photos a few stereotypical Mirror selfies having no idea how to hold my camera, some close ups of my body, rolls, stretch marks, tattoo's, face You get the picture...pun intended! Hopefully, you can see my humor throughout my photo's with captions or graphics.

No Makeup Selfie

Pic by ChubbyMannequin
A friend from HighSchool on Instagram said this pic reminds her of LISSIE

And don't you give up on me
As I dive into the dark
Slip into the endless sea
Don't you give up on me
Are you swimming in the stars?
Breathing in eternity
Don't you give up on me

This photo above, my No Makeup Selfie-showcases everything the good the bad and the ugly. Tiny hairs on my face caught by the flash on my camera, the fuzz on my lip from my blanket, the lashes uncurled, no mascara. The Pores, oh the pores! The Red veins in my chin, the freckles of various sizes, the pimple, dark circles under my eyes, hair in my face, scars from acne past, my tiny blonde Frida brow line. What you can't see is my Monroe piercing scar, my double chin, my roots growing out, my bleeding gums from brushing my teeth too hard etc.  It is ALL me and I can showcase it if I want to! 


My 5 yr old saw this photo and says "Awe it's so sad, you look so sad, mommy".  I let her know I was just talking a photo looking down and I was totally happy. But in reality trying to convince myself I am beautiful, worthy of love is sad!


Seeing yourself through the eye of a lens instead of a mirror is so much more interesting!-Chubby Mannequin

pic by chubbymannequin in Canva
A collage screenshot from my photo preview on my iPhone.
pic by chubbymannequin in Canva
This photo showcases my back fat and stretch marks! <3 A few flaws society makes us feel shame for. Despite the shame, I will still focus on "feelin' Myself".

pic by chubbymannequin in Canva

pic by chubbymannequin in Canva


pic by chubbymannequin in Canva

I am soo sprinkled with stretchmarks and its ok! My stretch marks are from having 2 babies and carrying them to full term. Some women's stretch marks are from genetics, or rapid weight loss or gain. Whatever the cause of your stretch marks, they are a roadmap to a life lived. 

pic by chubbymannequin (camera from flickr) created in Canva

Enjoy your youth because today is the youngest you will ever be. 
So remember every day we are YOUNG!

❤❤The view from above ❤❤

pic by chubbymannequin

This view is what I see when I lie down in my bed and look down, boobs squished to one side, my belly shaped into rolls. This is not the most "flattering" angle, but it's the angle I see when I look down.

Chubby mannequin in Canva
This ink on my body is similar to self-love, it's painful during the process of achieving it. People just see the beauty once it is finished. People do not see the pain, the bleeding, the healing from the scar, the time you put into making the wound something beautiful. People might ask "did it hurt", or "was it scary", yes to both. But like tattoo's some things stick with you the rest of your life, let's treat inner self-love like a Tattoo we carry for life. The happier we are on the inside, reflects outward to the world.
pic by chubbymannequin in Canva
Focus on ALL your ASSets 
(these panties with the rouched back are hella cute)

Thanks for looking and reading xoxox

created in Canva
created in beatiful mess

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