More than 50% of women are plus size. So where are they?-Navabi
 Plus-size fashion brand navabi wants to help you envision a future where plus-size women can be beautifully featured on the covers of VogueInStyle, and Glamour. They recently launched #MorePlusPlease, a campaign dedicated to spreading awareness about the lack of visibility of plus-size women in magazines. Photoshopped images of beautiful plus-size models and bloggers, such as Callie Thorpe, Chloe Pierre, and Danie Vanier, onto the covers of beloved fashion magazines.- Aplus.com 
Currently, Navabi has a campaign circulating featuring Plus models on "real magazine covers".  My personal favorite is the covers featuring Isabel Decker. She looks so fierce as if she belongs on the In Style and VOGUE cover!

Check out Isabell's blog "Dressing Outside The Box"  HERE


I created these faux magazine covers in solidarity with this powerful movement! To see figures of women similar to mine is going to make me feel more included and willing to spend money on clothes. 
Fake Magazine Covers

I'm obsessed with Nylon Mag and they do a good job of keeping things fun and funky! This is my pretend cover of me in a Forever 21 dressing room. My Sweatshirt has a collar and says "NO THANKS"!! I paired it with a white eyelet lace skirt. This gives me 90s realness vibes. ayeeee.

Let's SHAPESHIFT what we see on the cover of Magazines!These are just photos taken for my blog in a fitting room. It would be refreshing to see women with real full figures on covers, not just small half page features. 

Trying on Swim Wear in Forever21 and this is one of the photos I almost deleted! I was hating on how this suit did not fit me the way it should. I do not have an hour glass figure which this is clearly made for. This shows off my as Fergie says "lumps my lumps my lovely lady humps". I hate that my side boob is major in this suit. However, Making this photo into a Faux Magazine cover really changes my perspective. 

This Fake magazine cover for LEGIT features my fluffy self-posing proudly in front of thin models on a giant display in the famous  GROVE shopping center in Los Angeles.  I'm wearing my "SLAY SISTA SLAY" T-shirt I got that weekend at THE PLUS BUS LA! This is back when I had a fringe. 


This is one of my LEAST favorite Bridal shots from my wedding shoot in Carmel. It was  DIY shoot using my camera. It was not that glamarous there were a ton of Sand Flies and my tween was hating life taking a bunch of pics in the ocean breeze! This dress was from Davids Bridal a size 22. This photo is not edited and imperfect like reality. 

FLUFFY This FAUX COVER with me modeling SWIMWEAR! 
SUMMER  2017 My question: Why are all these full swimsuits in style!? It reminds me of a 5  yr olds swimwear from the 80s, prior to all the cuteness that is now available. There is absolutely NO Boob support! 

SNAPCHIC MAGAZINE COVER Chubby Faces and Sass! Can we just have a magazine dedicated to readers submissions of Plus positive Snapchats! That would be FUN! There could be separate magazines for Skinny, LGBT, MILF etc

This is a photo of me 2 yrs ago on Hollywood Blvd! Super excited to pose in front of this GIANT #plusisequal  "Time for a Change" billboard.  This was a great movement but since we are still trying to get plus women on covers of mainstream magazines, changes are still needed. I love the movement #MOREPLUSPLEASE 

Articles about the #MOREPLUSPLEASE movement
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