Time for another SWIMWEAR TRY-ON
 My FAVORITE Place to purchase my Plus Swimwear is Forever 21.  My blog post today will show some Swimwear Fails. I will be featuring a few comparisons from my average plus size mother of two figure, versus the model photos that are represented in the magazines and on the website when you look for swimwear to buy. Below are some comparison photos to see the models what's changed in the photos, the unreal expectations that all women feel pressure to fulfill. Especially as a plus size women, we are supposed to fit into the box of an ideal "Plus" shape.


PLUS Price ranges

$27.99-$58.00 + for a 1-piece
$19.90 + for a bikini top. 
$15.90-$24.00 + for a bikini bottom.


$27.90-$58.00 +  for a 1-piece
$6.90-$38.00 + for a bikini top 
(yes under $10)
$6.90-$58.00 for a bikini bottom
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This year at Forever 21 I was very disappointed with the options. 

There was 1 bikini in the entire Plus Section to try on in my size...and actually none in any other sizes.

created in
Above is a picture of me in this hot pink bikini and below is a model in the advertisement on the forever 21 website, for this bikini. It is super cute, it's actually a really dark hot pink in person. It makes me wonder if they "whitewashed" this model since the suit looks so pale! Some brands will lighten a girls skin tone in the image to make the model appear to have fairer skin (RUDE AF). That's another photoshop issue that is all too often ignored.
In my collages I highlight the perfections.
Collage via Polyvore
You can see from my collage above that I created on my polyvore account, we all know that advertisements are Photoshopped and are full of unreal expectations.  The above model is gorgeous she has a great shape she has a smooth stomach, great fit in the suit, with no cellulite. She has basically perfect arms,  no double-chin.  In my eyes, she does not actually even look plus size. 

Then there is me...Here is the suit from the back.  I wonder would Forever 21 Photoshop out my back rolls?

Pic ChubbyMannequin

This does not fit my bottom at all it's very loose like I need a bigger J-LO butt to fit the bottoms. I do like the width of the Top band and the coverage that it gives you in the back. I also like the adjustable straps for the bra the top is my favorite part of the bikini. I just wish the bottoms had a better fit for my shape.


Collage via Polyvore

This red one piece offers limited bust support. This is definitely not a suit for a woman with my figure. I have issues with it being too high in the backside and just not fitting well.

The suit looks fabulous on the headless plastic mannequin. It also looks great on this model with no cellulite, a smoothed out figure, and zero fat pictured above.
Pic ChubbyMannequin
Pic ChubbyMannequin

I struggled with even wanting to try any more suits on, or post these photos. I felt very unattractive. I tried to smile in my pictures because I know that the way you exude your confidence makes a difference in how people see you. Sometimes if you look back at pictures it makes a difference in how you see yourself. If I bend my Arm out like this you can almost imagine me having a "model" waist.

Pic ChubbyMannequin

When I try on swimwear I make sure to shower before my trip to the store and I wear my underwear because eww. So in some of these photos you will see my underwear.

Pic ChubbyMannequin
There's my Back Roll peeking HEY whats up!? Wanna SWIM?



Collage via Polyvore
Here we have a hot pink one piece, with a cute quote on the front, "NOT YOUR BAE". 

This, when you first see it on the table displayed looks super cute and you think; "oh my gosh I need that swimsuit, I've got to try this on. "

The model has a slim waist, nice smooth arms, she has what I like to call a Barbie  Vagina, it's smooth and you can't tell she has one. She doesn't have a stomach bulge when she stands to the side, the swimsuit fits her butt perfectly, she doesn't have any weird Dents on her shoulders when she is wearing swimsuit straps, she has perfect legs with no cellulite, and basically perfect all around. UNREAL PERFECTION
Collage via Polyvore
Pic ChubbyMannequin
(forgot to blur out my shoes and mess on the dressing room bench haha)

This swimsuit has so much extra space in the backside that it literally hangs where my booty is. There is no support in the midsection so it accentuates my stomach and lack of firmness. My boobs give the illusion of being supported in this suit. Do not let my cleavage fool you! I pulled them up to a position that appears to be showing cleavage.  I know the second I jumped in the pool and started swimming they would be everywhere. 
Pic ChubbyMannequin

Pic ChubbyMannequin

I want to fit in with the trends, but this
 1 piece 90s style is my nightmare.
Collage via Polyvore
The girl is beyond gorgeous she is the plus size model for this type of one piece swim suit. I couldn't find the exact one I tried on on the website so this was the closest I could find. It's a one piece with multiple colors. This girl has a rock and figure I would not consider her plus size personally.

The desert print one Piece a.k.a. your swimsuit from sixth grade that your mom made you buy when you really didn't want it.

Pic ChubbyMannequin

This desert print is the worst. What the heck were the designers thinking this makes me look wide and I literally look like a over watered cactus? There is no support in the bust area, there is no shaping of the waist, there is no shape to the suit at all. 
No, just no!
Pic ChubbyMannequin

Pic ChubbyMannequin
The only thing this suit is good for is taking a selfie of your boobs in the dressing room. (pulled them into place here as well)
Pic ChubbyMannequin

The cut out sheer mesh sexy plus kind of a bikini and one piece. 
 This is clearly made for somebody with a small waist a.k.a. the perfect model figure, not mine. My lumps and bumps actually stick out where they're not supposed to. P.S. what is this coverage for the boobs? My side boob is out of control!
Pic ChubbyMannequin
Party Up Front/ Business in the back
I don't even know what's going on in the back of the suit I actually had a hard time getting it on.
Pic ChubbyMannequin

 (No support)

Pic ChubbyMannequin
This is so pretty I WISH it was a swimsuit!  It's a BODYSUIT!  


Pic ChubbyMannequin

 The bright orange ruffle 

Pic ChubbyMannequin

I don't want to have to hide behind a ruffle and some serious boobs flattening.
Things I want NEED:

 🍦🍦🍦🍦Ice-cream cone earrings 🍦🍦🍦🍦  

Pic ChubbyMannequin

Batiste neon lights dry shampoo does it make your hair sparkle!?
Pic ChubbyMannequin

Pic ChubbyMannequin

On a completely different note, this pullover speaks to me on many levels. Too bad it's getting super hot and I can't even buy anything longsleeved. This is my shopping a tire so sexy LOL. This is also my sassy face because I couldn't find any swimwear that I was happy with.
Pic ChubbyMannequin

 I ended up getting a few Bikini Thank style tops from a local thrift store! I scored a Torrid and Lane Bryant. I have a black bikini bottom from target that I LOVE and have used for a few years now. It fits like a dream.  I really wanted to get a cool new swimsuit for Las Vegas.  Thrifting is WAY more affordable than retail.  If you are up and down with your weight like me it might make sense to check thrift stores. I saw allot of Plus Size Tops and bottoms that looked brand new, or hardly used.  I got mine for $2.00 each.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog

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