Simplicity Spring Plus Patterns

photo by Chubby Mannequin

Recently I went into Joanne The Scammer Joanne's fabric store looking for Ashley Nell Tipton's new patterns.  I have grown up around sewing machines and patterns as my mother is a seamstress and retired fashion designer.  

I have not looked at a pattern book in years, but they are something that is sort of a second nature to me and makes me feel at home when I'm holding a SUPER HEAVY one and flipping through the pages. 

My mom managed a fabric store at the local mall in the 80's and I was often there looking at pattern books waiting on my mom. Also when she went shopping for Fabric, tools, Sewing Machines I could also be found at the Pattern book section. 

Growing up I never noticed the major lack of plus models in the fashion books.

As a little girl, I just looked at clothes, colors and the drawings more than the models.

As a young woman and mother of 2 girls, I look at the pattern book with a set of Fresh and disappointed Eyes.

photo by Chubby Mannequin 

I decided to pick up the simplicity spring pattern book. I looked through to find the plus pattern section. I was surprised to see that the dark blue section was larger than I anticipated. Nestled in-between sportswear and miss /men &and family was the PLUS SIZE section.

The plus section was impressive at first glance, right in the front was Tipton's brand-new pattern designs. Side Note: Love seeing my favorite New York plus fashion blogger Margie Plus with her beautiful neon green hair.
from MargiePlus website

 As I was flipping through and got a little further down I noticed the huge lack of actual plus models displaying clothing. Thinking to myself, is this supposed to be representational of plus women?! I'm pretty sure I have read this before, the lack of plus models in the pattern fashion books. I made a little video flipping through the book to show the major lack of actual plus women representing us in the clothing that's designed to be created for our bodies. 

photo by Chubby Mannequin

There's a lot of patterns that I could see myself wanting to purchase. The simple fact that it's basically straight size models showing off clothes does not inspire me to want to purchase that pattern. If I am going to pull out the old sewing machine I am probably going to go with an Ashley Nell Tipton pattern.

I really liked MIMI G's STYLE!So refreshing.
I do not consider her a plus model, but she is a designer so it makes sense for her to model her own designs! She is really good! 
Check out her HOME STUDIO and CLOSET...THE BOMB! Check out her website if you SEW she has Freebies and all kinds of cool things on MIMIGS WEBSITE

Meanwhile, at Joanne's I decided to look for the pattern where all the new featured patterns are located.  I scanned the top of the pattern drawers and there were no brand new Ashley Nell Tipton patterns. At first, I had a little panic thinking they were all sold out, or not available in our area. I had to search at the very bottom of a long dark drawer, in the very back to find the Ashley Nell Tipton patterns. 

I went ahead and pulled a few out and placed them in front for everyone to see.❤✌

photo by Chubby Mannequin

If I'm shopping as a plus woman for a brand-new pattern that came out why can't it be readily available on top, with all the other new Spring patterns? Why does it have to be hidden away in a drawer and in the very back? I Know patterns are separated by Pattern Numbers, maybe it was just luck of the "draw-er" that her numbers fit in the back of the file cabinet.

photo by Chubby Mannequin

Here are some photos I took of some of the advertisement models used to represent plus patterns. Also, check out my video below to see a tour of the book.

photo by Chubby Mannequin

photo by Chubby Mannequin
photo by Chubby Mannequin

READY FOR A 50s THEMED DANCE? A ROCKABILLY EVENT??? OK HERE U GO... Can we at least get a cute Plus model like Tess Holliday or Cora from Vintage or Tacky...who are known to ROCK the Vintage and Rockabilly looks??
photo by Chubby Mannequin


It seems ridiculous to me to have Straight size models modeling PLUS SIZE clothing! I volunteer to model some Designs for those companies.👄

Thanks for Reading xoxo


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