Inside The Dressing Room : Target

Chubby Mannequin VS Real "Plus Size" Skinny Mannequin

New brand (to me) at Target
So I did a little digging online and Who What Wear is actually a Celebrity Style and Street Fashion Trend Coverage online publication.

This collection is chic streetwear created for everyone. 

They have a Target line ranging in straight sizes and plus sizes.

I picked out the outfit on the mannequin in the store...bad idea ladies!
Pic by Chubby Mannequin

This is the PLUS size Mannequin they have at Target...smh


Women's Plus Size Bomber Jacket $44.99

Poppy Print 


Left pic ad by Target          /        Right Pic Selfie @ Target
Thoughts: This jacket is not going to keep you very warm but is cute,probably better for fall, not so much winter. 

Neck Tie Top 3x

Women's Plus Size Sleeveless Neck Tie Blouse 


Thoughts: The buttons on the back I didn't even bother buttoning I hate collars around my neck. However, it is a beautiful top and the gold buttons are a pretty detial.

contrast cuff jeans 18

Women's Plus Size Contrast Cuff Straight Leg Jeans

light blue

pic by me
Thoughts: These jeans are described as " flattering cut creates a curvy waist " with a Slightly higher waist...WHAT WAS I THINKING EWWWW! Um, I don't actually have a "waist" per this cut did NOT work for my waist. It was actually LOOSE in the legs and TIGHT AF in the waist...felt like it was made for someone with a smaller waistline, bigger ass and fuller thighs.

I'm not feeling this line for my shape. For Target It's a nice choice of Fashionable clothing, but just not for me. This line is for plus women with the normal hourglass figures.

note: all pix that dont say by me are target from the website blogger is being lame today
Thanks for peeking

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